We're excited to announce that we are opening up the HS. programme to companies at all stages with a focus on raising investment and gaining customers. The programme is also now FREE to join with 0% equity and no programme fee.

With the HS. programme celebrating its 1 year anniversary we're excited to make some key updates in our mission to find the best health tech companies on the planet. We had an unprecedented number of applications for our first few cohorts and we had some amazing metrics for the first 12 months of working with companies with many raising seed rounds of >1M at higher valuations than standard for health-tech.

HS. Portfolio Metrics

  • Cohort valued at £14.4M from £6.6M at the start of the programme.
  • £1.6m raised by the cohort during the programme.
  • £465,000 revenue generated per month, 10x more than when the programme began.
  • 23 B-B partnerships signed.
  • 9 contracts worth a total of £64,000 have been signed.
  • 4 prizes have been won.
  • 30,000 patients and consumers have felt a health benefit.

Over the first year we learned that companies mainly struggled with closing sales and raising investment. These were areas that we were able to add exponential value. We therefore decided to open up the programme to companies of any stage (including series A+) and re-focusing the programme around sales and raising investment.

All this means that joining HS. now costs 0% equity and has no attached programme fee. In essence if you are good enough to get selected all the benefits are free. We will also actively help selected companies raise investment at a round size appropriate for their stage meaning that whether you are seed or series A+ we'll make the fundraising process as efficient as possible, and minimise the high levels of disruption typically associated with a fundraise while ensuring you get the best valuation and helping you to navigate term sheets and more.

We have also expanded our sales pipelines through key partnerships both within the NHS and internationally with a focus on the US.

So what are you waiting for? Apply Now!