How do you go from arctic warfare in the military to becoming a healthtech entrepreneur? Should you bunk in the same office with your investors? How do you go from being a first to second-time founder? Can you close a healthtech investment after a guy selling inflatable hammocks?

This week, James is joined by Matt Wilson, founder and CEO of uMed, which  enables healthcare providers to efficiently deliver cutting edge research to their patients, whilst radically reducing the barriers for scientists to conduct the studies that underpin our fight against disease. Through a process that combines the power of electronic health records with targeted patient engagement, uMed securely connects researchers with patients whilst removing the burden on clinicians and site staff.

James and Matt talk bunking with your investors, being a military medic, picking the best idea if you have many, the power of reflection - realising your business isnโ€™t working and how to come back stronger as a second time founder, building networks based on giving value, how uMed is making life better for clinicians and organisations - efficiency savings, enabling academic interests and increasing revenue, innovative business models with pharma companies and healthcare providers, how to optimise for scale, finding the right investors, health data and privacy....

Loads of learning points for everyone in this one

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