HS. has a large ecosystem of mentors and outstanding individuals who regularly give up their time to help mentor companies, speak at events and provide exponential value. While the majority of mentors come from our own networks or via recommendation we don't want to miss out on great people and so also have an open application system here. Come and join us to accelerate the best health-tech companies.

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About The Role

The HS.Mentor experience is designed to be simple, productive and enjoyable.
Everyone has different goals and expectations of being a mentor, so we let you decide your level of involvement.You could help us interview, deliver a talk or a workshop in your area of expertise, host a clinic or office hours to support a few of our startups, become a 1:1 mentor with a specific company or founder team, and we are open to other suggestions too.
We know that the best mentor relationships are those built on a good connection, so if you’re interested in 1:1 mentoring with a startup, we can send you our cohort brochure and you can select who you would like to be introduced to.We also hold regular events and we will alert you to when these are.Thanks for your interest and glad to have you on board!

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