Your Innovation Strategy

Your innovation strategy is vital for continued growth, development and sustainability. Don't make the mistake of assuming that you are safe from the threat of disruption. At HS. we know that for corporates and health providers to be sustainable they must embrace technology and innovation. HS. helps you identify challenges within your business together with key customer problems and solutions. We then select the best startups from our ecosystem and design a startup partnership programme tailored to your needs. We ensure there is a health economics case, that the startup can scale and that their solution benefits your business. We do the hard work so you don't have to.

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For HS. Partners

The HS. Ecosystem enables our corporate partners to tap into emerging innovation in health-tech which will benefit patients and consumers and forge long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with some of the world’s most exciting young tech companies.

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Problem Identification

The first step towards embracing innovation is to identify how your business could benefit from collaborating with startups and innovators. Our aim is to discover how you can adapt your processes to engage with early-stage technologies and gain a real competitive edge.

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Selecting The Best Startups

Finding the best, and most relevant startups to work with is critical to the potential impact on your business. Our team of experts does the hardworking for you and our Build and Scale programmes help match the best startups to your problems ensuring successful partnership opportunities.

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Bespoke Partnerships

Our startup partnership projects are bespoke, and tailored to your needs. Whether you want to make a big impact, or just learn more about innovation in the health sector, we can work to any size, scale or ambition. It all starts with a conversation, we're here to solve your innovation problems.

HS. Ecosystem

Your Unfair HS. Advantage

Our partners benefit from our team's expert knowledge of innovation in the health sector together with our network of NHS partners, Chief Information Officers and international trade channels.

HS. partners with key multi-national companies with active sales channels in health, healthcare and health insurance and enables them to connect with commercially-viable innovative health tech companies and integrate them into their supply chains.

We understand that for large corporations it can be almost impossible to find the best companies and products to help them solve key problems. We do the hard work for you, ensuring product-market fit, that the company can scale and that there is a health economics case behind any procurement decision.


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