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We scale companies to tackle global health problems

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    Find Patient-Product Fit

    We analyse your health tech concept and ensure that your team, product and sales and investor materials are optimised for rapid growth.

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    0% Equity

    HS. is for both early and later stage companies looking to grow fast. To enable us to work with the very best the programme is FREE if you get through.

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    Raise Capital

    Our fundraising team will help optimise your deck and put you in front of investors whether you are pre-seed, seed or series A+ to scale fast and grow your company.

For Early and Late-Stage Companies

We’re passionate about scaling world-class health companies led by exceptional founders

HS. is the first and only programme designed for exceptional individuals, early-stage teams without revenue and revenue-generating companies wishing to create technologically defensible startups to tackle major issues in health and healthcare. Our experience running accelerators and successful startups in health tech means we know all the issues that prevent both individuals and early-stage companies from being the best they can be. It is tough navigating the rules, regulations and procurement channels in health systems. Luckily we’re here to do the hard work, connect you with the right people early and future-proof your startup to give you the best chance to succeed. Our experienced team of health professionals and entrepreneurs are here to help you sell and scale.

Need to Raise?

Raise dilutive and non-dilutive funding faster and at better valuations

HS. provides a specialised programme that supports health companies ensuring sufficient infrastructure and support and matches your product to customers ensuring patient-product-fit and basing decisions on health economics cases.
For companies with existing infrastructure the programme focuses on helping you sell into the NHS, through our partner supply chains and to international health markets as well as raising capital to scale fast.
We help you raise capital from the best investors more quickly so you can focus on running your company.

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    Sell Into The NHS

    Our team of experts help you sell your products into the largest global healthcare provider, the NHS.

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    Create New Sales Channels

    We match you to our partners' existing sales pipelines creating new customers and more revenue.

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    Scale Your Company

    We help you access NHS and international health markets to scale your company in an organic, sustainable way.

Want To Connect With New Customers In Public and Private Health?

We help you scale, connect with new customers and become a sustainable health company

Every startup needs to attract customers, build a brand and become profitable. This is where we step in. Success requires outreach, mentorship and investment. We match you with major corporate partners in the health market so you can develop your strategy and create relationships. We’re not an accelerator, we're a complete, life-long ecosystem with a specific vertical in health. Whether you are an amazing individual with an idea, a startup with customers looking to scale or an international company looking to sell into the NHS HS. is for you.
We actively help you build a strong team, scale your product, reach more customers and much more. We will challenge you to think big and push your own ability to the limit. You can think of us as your advisor or silent co-founder.

Build Your Health Company At Light Speed

We help you navigate complex health systems, identify dealmakers and help you make sales

Impact comes from scale and HS. facilitates access to health policymakers, dealmakers, advisors, investors, researchers, academics and corporates via events, mentoring and our online community to help you access new sources of revenue and grow as quickly as possible.
You don't need to relocate your operations in order to access customers, partners and advisors and we'll pair you with a mentor to help you navigate complex health procurement and sales channels.
We determine impact by commercial success and the quantifiable financial benefit to both companies and our corporate partners.

Revolutionise Health, Save The World

Our unique team of health professionals, entrepreneurs and industry partners are here to guide you on your startup journey

Healthcare worldwide is badly broken with Western countries nearing 20% GDP spend, making current healthcare unsustainable. Health in general is far from optimised for the consumer. Entrepreneurs from health, technology and business backgrounds wishing to create a disruptive health startup are currently segregated and rely on meetups, co-finder websites or serendipity to find a co-founder with complimentary skills who is as passionate as they are about healthcare.
Better use of data and technology has the power to improve health, transforming the quality and reduce the cost of health and care services. It can give patients and citizens more control over their health and wellbeing, empower carers, reduce the administrative burden for care professionals, and support the development of new medicines and treatments.

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